{{Infobox Job
|title         =
|imagemain     =
|description   =
|location      =
|initiated     =
|completed     =
|mtc           =
|bottles       =
|mts           =
|prerequisite  =
|concurrent    =
|next          =
|3d            =
|episode       =
|appearance    =


All parameters are optional, since a field won't show if that parameter is blank.


{{Infobox Job
|title         ="Five Visitors"
|imagemain     =Five Visitors.png
|description   =Fight the Fiendish Five
|location      =Paris
|initiated     =[[Sly Cooper]]
|completed     =Sly Cooper
|mtc           =[[Sly Cooper Wiki|Name of MTC]]
|bottles       =Number of bottles
|mts           =Time of Sprint
|prerequisite  ="[[Sly Cooper Wiki|Four Visitors]]"
|concurrent    ="[[Sly Cooper Wiki|Unexpected Visitors]]"
|next          ="[[Sly Cooper Wiki|Six Visitors]]"
|3d            =Yes
|episode       =''Apple Lord''
|appearance    =''[[Sly 2: Band of Thieves]]''

Results in... Template:Infobox Job

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