|title              ={{{title|}}}
|main image1        ={{{imagemain|}}}
|group1             =In Game Information
|label2-1           =Description
|content2-2         ={{{description|}}}
|label3-1           =Location
|content3-2         ={{{location|}}}
|label4-1           =Initiated by 
|content4-2         ={{{intitiated|}}}
|label5-1           =Completed by
|content5-2         ={{{completed|}}}
|label6-1           =Master Thief Challenge
|content6-2         ={{{mtc|}}}	
|label7-1           =Clue Bottles
|content7-2         ={{{bottles|}}}
|label8-1           =Master Thief Sprint
|content8-2         ={{{mts|}}}
|group9             =Chronological Information
|label10-1          =Prerequisite
|content10-2        ={{{prerequisite|}}}
|label11-1          =Concurrent
|content11-2        ={{{concurrent|}}}
|label12-1          =Next	
|content12-2        ={{{next|}}}
|group13            =Real World Information
|label14-1          =3D-compatible
|content14-2        ={{{3d|}}}
|label15-1          =Episode
|content15-2        ={{{episode|}}}
|label16-1          =Appearance
|content16-2        ={{{appearance|}}}
|footer  =There is a '''[[{{PAGENAME}}/Walkthrough|walkthrough]]''' available for this job.}}	
[[Category:Infobox templates]]</noinclude>
<br style="clear:both;" />

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